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Granite Care

Natural stone materials are the most durable and beautiful materials available and an excellent choice for countertops and other surfaces. Here are a few tips to help you protect your investment and keep them looking as good as the day Italian Granite installed them.


Clean Spills Immediately

Granite is not as porous as other countertop materials, but any liquids left on the counter will eventually be soaked into the granite. Make sure you quickly clean any oils or acidic liquids before they can damage the stone. Water is more lenient, but it’s important to keep a well sealed counter to repel most liquids.


Clean Regularly

Keeping your granite countertops clean will avoid any missed spills that could soak and damage the stone. The easiest and most effective way to clean is to use warm water and dish soap. Never use powdered cleansers or acidic cleaners because these will damage your counters and leave marks over time.



Although most retailers tell you to seal your countertops every year, it can actually wait until two years. A simple method to tell if you need to seal is to see how water sits. If it forms beads, you don’t need to seal, but if it soaks in relatively quickly then it’s time. Use a commercial sealer made specifically for granite and apply it to the countertops. Some sealers cure overnight and some only take a few minutes. Wipe off the excess sealer rinse your countertops thoroughly.



To increase the lifespan of your countertops, polish them every few months. Use a quality stone polish to keep the surface smooth, enhance the shine and add extra protection against stains and abrasion.

Basic Stone Care DOs & DON’Ts

Do use coasters under glasses, especially if they contain alcohol or citrus juices.

Marble, Limestone and Travertine can “etch”. This happens when highly acidic substances like citrus juice, coffee, vinegar, wine, mustard, tomato products and many soft drinks spill on the surface of your stone. Sealer allows you time to wipe up the spill but will not prevent the chemical reaction. This will leave a dull mark that requires professional refinishing to remove the marks. Always use coasters and/or placemats to help protect the surface.

Do use trivets or mats under hot dishes or cookware. Placing extremely hot items on your countertop repeatedly or for extended amounts of time, will break down your sealer or remove it entirely.

Do use placemats under china, ceramics or other objects that can scratch the surface. Not all material is equal in hardiness, marbles for example are softer and scratch easier.

Do clean up spills immediately to minimize permanent damage to the stone, as all natural stone is porous and will absorb liquids and oils that may prove impossible to remove.

Do use warm water with a neutral PH balanced dish soap for cleaning and/or one of our recommended Stonetech Products specifically design for your material.

Don’t use bleach, ammonia, vinegar, bathroom or tile cleaners. Avoid abrasive or alkaline products not specifically formulated for stone.

Don’t use Lime Away for lime or hard water deposits. The active ingredient dissolves minerals, many of which are in the surface of natural stone. Remove with a plastic scraper and keep a Revitalizer Cleaner and protector on hand for day-to-day cleaning of heavy use areas.

Don’t treat your stone like a cutting board. Even though Granite is a hard stone that stands up well to sharp objects. The stone will dull your knives and potentially dull your surface over time, also wearing down your sealer application.

Italian Granite was great to work with. They did an AWESOME job and went above and beyond to ensure that I was able to get my countertops installed in a reasonable time. I always shop around, and I found that they were affordable and the best in the area for what I wanted. I love my new kitchen. Thanks Italian Granite!!!!

Jocelyn H.

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