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Italian Granite is a family owned business, led by Jose Neira, who brings over 28 years of experience in all facets of the natural and engineered stone fabricating industry. We currently have 14 full-time team members that include two family members, JJ and Dasny, that coordinate the day-to-day activities related to your experience at Italian Granite.


Italian Granite’s goal is to provide a level of quality, service, and value that exceeds our customers’ expectations. Every team member understands that it is a privilege to be invited into your home or workplace. We will do everything we can to make sure you are completely satisfied with the quality of our work, and the level of service we provide. This is the Italian Granite difference.

       We hope that you have started to notice the difference between Italian Granite and our           competitors.

        We are here for two reasons:


        1. To provide our customers the information, options and years of combined experience         to help you make the best decisions, based on your application, timelines and budget.


        2. Deliver on our promise to provide our customers a best-in-class experience.

  •   Quality – The best materials and craftsmanship available

  •   Service – Provide solutions for every challenge, respect your time and deliver your             project on time

  •   Value – We operate a sustainable business model that allows us to compete for your    business and deliver real value for your investment

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