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When choosing new countertops for your home, quality is important. Natural Stone, Quartz, Soapstone or any other solid surfaces of your choice are available. We at Italian Granite know what quality looks like and this, sets us apart from our competitors. Italian Granite will strive to meet or exceed our customers' expectations by offering Quality, Service and Value for you investment.

Italian Granite "Master Craftsmen",  will inspect the quality of every piece of countertop that goes in to your home. After we machine polish our edges, we insure the quality reaches our expectation before beginning the installations. you wont see horizontal grooves fade spots or dove areas.

Inferior Quality

Italian Granite  

Quality workmanship is an investment. Do not be fooled by crazy gimmicks, cheap prices and free promises, that unfortunately go hand in hand with inferior quality and bad experiences.

Italian Granite will install every piece of material that we fabricate. This will insure that the quality of your project will stay consistent from the fabrication to installation. Your installation will be completed with our highly trained crew.

"Quality is remembered after price is forgotten"

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4320 Bellmead Dr. / 1515 Hewitt Dr.